About Us

 Family Owned Since 2007

We started this business back in 2007 when I did a Google search for a dog collar with the Colombian flag on it (I'm Colombian). I couldn't find it. Out of curiosity I searched for dog collars with other country flags on it and, to my surprise, I found very few. Collars with USA and UK designs were the most popular but not much else. Like a crazy person, I launched the business solely on the notion that it was something that I would want so maybe others would want it too. And I saw that many people wore national pride tee shirts, hoodies, bandanas, etc. so I concluded that the feeling was strong and popular enough.

In the beginning, growth was painfully slow. Not many people searched for our products because they didn't know that they existed. Eventually more and more people found our products and the word spread. After a few years the business became self supporting then finally profitable. Nobody was getting rich but we were enjoying ourselves. Especially when we set up our tent at festivals and street fairs. We got to meet so many people and see their reaction when they saw their country flag on a dog or cat collar. It was hard work but the smiles and joy were worth it. My favorite part was seeing our daughter, who started working with us at the age of six, manning the table from which we sold dog treats. If you've every bought anything from a six year-old you know what an adorable experience it can be. She was no exception. People would even tip her and she'd walk away counting her stash. Now she's in college and remembers those days very fondly.

We thank you for visiting us and hope that you find something that you like here.

Parrot in our tentWe had a small visitor come to our tent
Brianna, Bongo and meBrianna, our English Shepherd Bongo, and me
Mary selling dog collarsMy wife, Mary, selling the goods!
Brianna manning the treat tableBrianna manning the treat table
Brianna and JorgeBrianna and me